Featured Ingredient: Oatmeal


Why It's a Primary Ingredient in Our Soap

You will see that one of our main ingredients in our Eczema soap is Oatmeal. That’s because this particular ingredient is recommended by dermatologists for sensitive skin, including those that are allergy or eczema-prone. Oats offer superior moisturizing abilities combined with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help heal skin and relieve that dreaded skin itch.

Oatmeal & Eczema

When it comes to Eczema, oatmeal can aid in skin recovery by means of moisturizing, lessening skin itch, inflammation regulation, and restoration of the skin barrier. This is why we chose Oatmeal as one of our primary ingredients and the way our soap bar is designed, the oats provide gentle exfoliation as well.

Benefits of Oatmeal Soap

Another benefit of oatmeal for skin is that it’s suitable for all skin types; even sensitive skin and problem skin, like Atopic Dermatitis. In fact, you will see this ingredient as one of the primary ingredients in the majority of soaps designed for Eczema-prone skin. There’s a reason for this!¬†

Fights Dry Skin – Oats can help protect against and prevent dryness of the skin through the polysaccharids (long chain sugars) found in oats. They become a gelatin-like substance that leaves a very fine but protective film on the skin, sort of like a barrier.

Moisturizes – Oats contain fats that further the ‘barrier’ mentioned above, which as a result can help improve dry, itchy skin.

Cleanses Pores – Oatmeal offers a natural, gentle cleanse thanks to the saponins contained in oats.

Gentle Exfoliant – Our Eczema soap is gently exfoliating thanks to the oatmeal added and while many people steer clear of exfoliating when they have a skin condition, our soap provides a natural but gentle exfoliant experience.

Try Our Natural Honey & Oatmeal Soap Today!

If you’re looking for a gentle but natural soap that you can use daily without reprocussion to your skin, consider our Honey Eczema soap. Made with only natural ingredients and designed¬†by an Eczema sufferer, you can be assured that your skin will thank you! If for some reason you aren’t happy, just let us know and we will make it right. Try a bar today, risk-free and let us know how it helped you!