Featured Ingredient: Coconut Oil

Why We Included This Ingredient In Our Soap

Coconut Oil is found in many skincare products and also used as a standalone beauty solution. While this particular ingredient has some controversy to it in terms of dietary benefits, many continue praising it for it’s benefits to the skin. Coconut oil has natural antibacterial properties and helps to lock in moisture, although it’s not known as a ‘hydrator’ for skin. It’s antibacterial properties are one of the primary reasons we included this ingredient in our bar soap.

The Ingredient Coconut Oil & Eczema

If you know someone that has seen improvement in their Eczema after using coconut oil regularly, you likely wanted to try it too. Did it work for you? It seems that not everyone sees the same results when using coconut oil for their Eczema, but the overall consensus is the antibacterial properties can improve Eczema. Consider this double-blind controlled study in the journal of Dermatitis. While this oil alone is not going to make your Eczema go away, combining it with other conventional treatment methods can produce improvements in your skin.

Ingredient spotlight - coconut oil

Benefits of Coconut Oil

  • It traps moisture underneath so the top layer of skin gets an added layer of protection, which is helpful when you have Eczema
  • It has anti-bacterial properties and helps kill bacteria and reduce inflammation of the skin
  • Reduces inflammation

We would like to mention here that if your skin breaks out easily, or you have acne-prone skin, or your pores clog easily, this particular ingredient may not be an ideal option when used directly on skin, rather than combined with other ingredients.

Try Our Natural Bar Soap Today!

We believe your skin will benefit from the natural ingredients in our Honey & Oatmeal soap and encourage you to try a bar. It was designed by an Eczema sufferer and if you’re not happy, just let us know! Your satisfaction is important to us and if you have feedback to share we would love to hear it.